B505: weak_cryptographic_key

B505: Test for weak cryptographic key use

As computational power increases, so does the ability to break ciphers with smaller key lengths. The recommended key length size for RSA and DSA algorithms is 2048 and higher. 1024 bits and below are now considered breakable. EC key length sizes are recommended to be 224 and higher with 160 and below considered breakable. This plugin test checks for use of any key less than those limits and returns a high severity error if lower than the lower threshold and a medium severity error for those lower than the higher threshold.


>> Issue: DSA key sizes below 1024 bits are considered breakable.
   Severity: High   Confidence: High
   CWE: CWE-326 (https://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/326.html)
   Location: examples/weak_cryptographic_key_sizes.py:36
35  # Also incorrect: without keyword args
36  dsa.generate_private_key(512,
37                           backends.default_backend())
38  rsa.generate_private_key(3,

New in version 0.14.0.

Changed in version 1.7.3: CWE information added