B702: use_of_mako_templates

B702: Test for use of mako templates

Mako is a Python templating system often used to build web applications. It is the default templating system used in Pylons and Pyramid. Unlike Jinja2 (an alternative templating system), Mako has no environment wide variable escaping mechanism. Because of this, all input variables must be carefully escaped before use to prevent possible vulnerabilities to Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

>> Issue: Mako templates allow HTML/JS rendering by default and are
inherently open to XSS attacks. Ensure variables in all templates are
properly sanitized via the 'n', 'h' or 'x' flags (depending on context).
For example, to HTML escape the variable 'data' do ${ data |h }.
   Severity: Medium   Confidence: High
   CWE: CWE-80 (https://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/80.html)
   Location: ./examples/mako_templating.py:10
10  mako.template.Template("hern")
11  template.Template("hern")

New in version 0.10.0.

Changed in version 1.7.3: CWE information added